Our Mission & Vision

H P Defence academy is established with a vision of providing high-quality progressive schooling – focusing on all-round development rather than academics alone. A path-breaking concept, the school recognizes the fact that education is about each individual child and not about the system. The school has thus designed learning in such a way that children are absorbed in and excited about their schooling experience.
Our aim is to match the best of the past with the excitement and challenges of the present by which the impressionable minds can be moulded into accomplished citizens of tomorrow. Our aim is also to impart sound and liberal education to boys and girls during their impressionable years the type of education that would lay stress on character building, team work, espirit-de-corps, physical development and to infuse in them a spirit of adventure, fair play and justice. We aim to :

1:- Develop among our students a feeling of pride in Indian culture and produce citizens who will be truly Indian and will rise above social, communal and provincial prejudices.
2:- Develop an attitude of positive response to the persistent demands of a changing society, yet firmly upholding belief in our basic values and standards.
3:- Strive to inculcate a keen spirit to make the student a highly alert and motivated individual, equipped to face the challenges of the modern world.
4:- The school will subsequently grow up to XII standard in the coming years.
5:- In the times to come H P Defence Aacademy will be a complete residential hostel as well.
6:- SSB coaching will be started subsequently at Nanda Nagar branch in coming years.

The Mission Statement
Through excellent academic environment,proper nurturing of traditional values and with exposure to all aspects of growth and development, the HPDA enables all those students who enter its portals to become responsible Indian citizens empowered with knowledge and skills to take on future responsibilities.

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Published Date : 27/10/2023

Admission Open 20224-25