Our Motto

School  Emblem & Motto

Our Emblem depicts the head of two lions, an open book and birds flight towards the rising sun. The emblem stands for our commitment at the school in providing holistic education through an environment that will enable the students to discover their true potential so that they may blossom into responsible citizens of the country. Below the icon is the logotype, ENVISAGE,ENLIGHTEN,EMPOWER. These words encompass the entire philosophy of the school. The school’s environment will provide each student a deep desire to explore, dream and envisage their career prospects. The school aspires to provide the students knowledge in all fields, to expose them to our culture and value systems, and to nurture them in their formative years so that there is an all round development in their personalities. The students will further be graded up to take on the challenges of higher studies and competitive examinations. We endeavour to produce true citizens of future India who will be able to excel in all the fields in which they participate.

Through excellent academic environment, proper nurturing of traditional values and with exposure to all aspects of growth and development, the HPDA will enable all those students who enter its portals to become responsible Indian citizens empowered with knowledge and skills to take on future responsibilities.

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Published Date : 27/10/2023

Admission Open 20224-25