Ques 1:Where is the school located?

Ans 1: HP Defence Academy is located at  Nanda Nagar Gorakhpur.


Ques 2: What marking system is followed ?

Ans 2: Grading system is followed.

Ques 3: Which syllabus is followed ?

Ans 3: NCERT.

Ques 4: Will it grow to class 10 ?

Ans 4: Presently its has classes till VIII  subsequently it will grow to class XII.

Ques 5: What is taught apart from normal curriculum?

Ans 5: Apart from normal curriculum we focus on sports ,music, dance, Quiz  competition, debates ,extra            classes for the weak students and many  more.

Ques 6: Do you have a Hostel facility ?

Ans 6: No. However state of our hostel facility is going to come up in near future.

Ques 7: Do you provide transport facility.?

Ans 7: Bus facility is provided.

Ques 8: How can parents communicate with school?

Ans 8: Dairy is the most convenient way of communication both for parents and school. In case of             emergency parent is free to meet any time he wishes.

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Published Date : 27/10/2023

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