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 Learning is neither about the printed words in books nor it is about oratory and theory. With the world increasingly becoming competitive, education is in an urgent need to evolve. This evolution is an inclusive process- where students, mentors and parents work in tandem – learning, understanding and displaying while involving each other to shape the future.The opportunity to shape the minds and lives of young children and providing them with means of attaining knowledge is a divine blessing and we are fortunate to have been ordained with it.
At H.P. Defence Academy , we approach education as a method for growth. We care and nurture children at every stage to develop them physically and mentally. We impart holistic education today to enhance inherent skills to build strong and morally bright citizens for tomorrow.
This is a special place, where the students body, parents, teaching and non- teaching staff work together with a common mission and shared goals to prepare our children to be the best and happiest citizens of the world.
We believe that every child has the potential but it has to be elicited to the fore by tremendous hard work both by student and teachers, as we all know that there are no short-cuts for success and no substitutes for hard work. We are moving onwards step by step with the concerted co-operation of all parents, teachers and students. I am deeply grateful to the parents and well wishers of our school for their whole hearted support and hope for the same in the forth coming years.


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Published Date : 27/10/2023

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